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Stars Rewards Explained: Calculating PokerStars Chests Rakeback

PokerStars Chests Rakeback. Because we use the average weighted value of each chest to calculate your expected PokerStars rakeback rewards, your actual Poker Stars rakeback will be signficantly higher or lower due to the variation in rewards chest values. In the long run, your actual PokerStars rakeback will be very close to the amounts we have calculated.

PokerStars - Rakeback.com

PokerStars does not offer flat rakeback. Instead players enter into the in-house VIP program and receive a volume-based rakeback equivalent of up to 30% by earning points (Starscoin) as they play. US players are not accepted at PokerStars. Check out these PokerStars alternatives that do offer rakeback and are open to the USA. PokerStars VIP Program – Starscoin

PokerStars Rake Structure - Rakeback

PokerStars rakeback comes in the form of Frequent Player Points (FPPs) that are awarded to players based on how much rake they contribute, which can then be converted to cash at the PokerStars VIP Store. There are also stellar rewards and milestone bonuses for hitting new VIP levels.

Pokerstars | Rakeback not offered

Rakeback not offered. We don't offer rakeback as a player reward method. Usually, there are many conditions to rakeback deals, and such promotions come at a cost. This means higher rake charges in large pots, higher tournament fees, and/or reduced value frequent player programs. Most sites that offer rakeback also deduct rakeback from deposit bonus payments or charge higher redemption prices for items in their reward programs.

PokerStars' New Rewards Program: Everything You Need to Know ...

What’s changed: Fixed rewards from 15% to 25% rakeback a month. Points rate to earn Chests and progress through tiers now fixed at 100 points per $1 in rake; Zero randomization: Chest value is fixed at 50 cents to $250 depending on tier; This fixes rakeback at 15% (Blue) to 25% (Black) Monthly Poker Challenges add up to 40% additional rakeback

PokerStars Officially Launches New 65% Rakeback Rewards ...

PokerStars Officially Launches New 65% Rakeback Rewards Program on Most Sites, But Not For US Players Yet. Today, PokerStars reached the end of a three-month trial of its new rewards system. Its conclusions must have been positive, as the company has announced that it is making the new system permanent in most markets.

News: PokerStars trialling 65% rakeback

A major rewards U-turn is potentially coming at PokerStars according to an exclusive scoop for pokerfuse. Around 20% of players are currently trialling a new rewards system that could be worth as much as 65% rakeback and at least 15% rakeback every month. There will be a baseline rakeback of 15-25% based on the current Chest level you are at, but most players will get in addition a monthly challenge worth an additional 40% in rewards, making the maximum 65%.

New rakeback model at PS (i got 40%+ for 3 months)

The PokerStars Rewards Trial combines a transparent core loyalty program offering 15%-25% in rewards. Plus, we've included a Monthly Poker Challenge worth up to an additional 40% rakeback, so ...