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4. Getting started: Balancing for the first time (and just stand still) Launch the NXT-G 2.0 software. Open “AnywayHT-Basic(ContainsMyBlocks).rbtx”. Select the “StartUp” My Block. A configuration panel shows up as shown below. In the “Wheel Diameter (mm)” box, enter the diameter of the wheels of your robot, measured in milimeters.

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Building Instructions - The NXT STEP in LEGO® Robotics

This is an omnidirectional robot that can be built using the NXT 2.0 set only, plus three Rotacaster wheels. Daniele Benedettelli realized this robot starting from a design by Xander Soldaat (www.botbench.com). The code is distributed in the last LejOS release. Click here for building instructions

Fun with Robot Soccer! - Free Lego MindStorms NXT tutorials.

The hints in this session will:-. Show you a way to keep your Soccer Robot in the Soccer Field. Show you a way for your Robot Soccer player to find the Soccer Ball. Show you a way to get your Soccer Robot player to Kick the Ball. Show you where you can get the latest rules for RCJA GEN II Robot Soccer. Show you how to build a Soccer Robot.

Building Instructions for Robotic Arm - The NXT STEP

On this page I have posted a robot arm, inspired by the one from the old RIS2.0 kit. This one works very smoothly and can lift things easily because of its counterweight. I didn't make instructions for it (yet!) but I've seen some replicas of my arm on youtube, so you can built it too. Jul 13, 2008, 1:38:00 AM. Anonymous said….

Building instructions for LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT

At Christmas, a lot of people will have got their first LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT set, and one of the first things to do then is searching the Internet for building instructions. On this occcasion, The NXT Step provides an updated list of links here that lead to such instructions in the web: The official bonus models for the NXT 2.0 set

LDD Building Instruction samples and .lxf file - The NXT STEP

I want to build the JR Soccer robot using the IRSeeker and Compass sensor. I have the programming blocks, but I am so new at programming that I don't know how to build the NXT program to help the robot know where it is in respect to the other players and how to see the IR emitting ball. Help!

Robotics NXT: Lego NXT Soccer Bot

Robot will spin, doing a .5 rotation of the wheels. The ultrasonic sensor searches for an object farther than 25 cm. When found, the robot moves towards it. It will repeat step unless object is 10 cm away. If object is 10cm away, robot will pick up object and begin looking for a red spot to indicate it must shoot. If black is detected, robot moves back.

Lego Mindstorms NXT DomaBot Building Instructions - YouTube

I meet with a different group of students every 9-weeks, and for many this is their first experience building Legos, let alone programming. I created this vi...

Serious NXT Soccer Game | Danny's LAB

Serious NXT Soccer Game. During 2010, Mario Ferrari and I joined the efforts to make a fully autonomous soccer game system using MINDSTORMS NXT. It was a great honor for me to work together with Mario, one of the old-school LEGO MINDSTORMS RCX experts, my inspirer and mentor. The robot players are autonomous, they sense the HiTechnic IR Ball ...