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Basketball Hedging Drill - Hoop Coach

Basketball Hedging Drill. Continuous hedge drill for working ball screen hedges and weak side help. Ball starts on wing. Player at top of key sets first ball screen. Based on coaches preference player either hedges the screen and player defending the ball goes over or under the screen. The animation below is a hard hedge and over.

How To Defend Ball Screens – And the 3 on 3 Ball Screen Drill

No direct paths - As the player guarding the screener comes up to “hedge the ball screen” (attempt to stop the ball handler from getting north – south), they want to make sure they don’t jump too high over the screen, as this will lead to them being “split” by the ball handler and beaten to the hoop. Stay tight on the screener, step through with your bottom foot over the screener’s top foot and try to force the ball handler up high, away from the hoop.

Basketball Ball Screen - Splitting The Hedge - Drill & Video ...

If the defender hedging the screen leaves too much space between the screen, a small opening appears where the offensive player can split the hedge. Move Tips. Go hard towards hedging defender's outside shoulder. If he doesn't think you're a threat to go around him, he can take away the 'split the hedge' move. Make dribble low and long. Stay small.

Basketball: Ball Screen vs Hedging Defense - Sportplan

The player will dribble down to the level of the ball screen. Once they get in line with the screen, the ball handler will dribble backwards simulating that the screen is being hedged by the screeners defender. Once the dribbler has gone backwards they will then attack again getting 1 or 2 dribble separation to shoot a jump shot.

How To Defend and Hedge Ball Screens - YouTube

Man To Man Defense Video - https://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/pr/huber-defense.htmlIn this video clip, Jim Huber discusses one tactic you can use to defe...

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What Is Hedge Defense (How to Hedge & Shut Down Offense)

If your big men can’t stop the ball-handler using the screen, DON’T use this coverage. Key Take-Away for Coaches . The player hedging out on the ball-handler mustn’t allow any space between him and the screener as he hedges out. It’s simple. The ball-handler will split the hedge and hit the rim of the man hedging out on him gives enough room.

Defending Ball Screens - Hedge and Recover - Jim Huber ...

An excerpt on defending ball screens with the hedge and recover technique from Jim Huber's Man-to-Man Defense DVD 4-pack: https://www.breakthroughbasketball....

6 Techniques to Defend Ball Screens | Basketball Coach Weekly

Hedge. The “hard hedge” (shown on page 5) is a favorite at the NBA level. The screener’s defender aggressively slides high and forces the ball handler into retreat mode (rather than attacking) coming off the screen. The screened player recovers to the ball, then the screener’s defender recovers with high hands.