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This is one of the most common soccer training drills. You will need a soccer net and multiple soccer balls for this one. Line the soccer balls up to be shot into the net. I found using at least 6 soccer balls works best with this drill. The goal is to practice shooting at the net without the distraction of retrieving the ball after every shot.

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Product Description. "Backyard Soccer Drills" was filmed in suburban New York with a small group of five kids and one coach/parent. Continuing with the traditon of the Youth Sports Club and VideosForCoaches.com , nationally known youth coach and video producer Marty Schupak, has put together one of the most creative sports instrucitonal videos to date.

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For soccer players ages 7-18 you cannot go wrong practicing the content provided in BACKYARD SOCCER DRILLS. Great fundamentals and techniques. Young players will enjoy the introduction to some of the drills.

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Soccer, or football, is the most well-known and followed sport globally, for a good reason. This article will give you drills and reasons “Soccer drills with the kids” in the backyard is awesome. If you can acquire a handgrip of a ball and a few players, you’ve got yourself a game.

Backyard soccer drills for U5 age group!

This fun backyard soccer drill is a favourite amongst young kids. It is a straight-forward drill that works on the kids' passing technique. Preperation. You will need a marked out area wide and long enough for the amount of players you have available. You will also need a line marked out with cones to seperate the players.

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The Youth Sports Club is a leading producer of sports instructional videos and DVDs. The Youth Sports Club adds to its backyard collection with the "Backyard...

Old School Backyard Soccer Drills Are The Best

Old School Backyard Soccer Drills Are The Best. Many drills are orientated towards the full team practice style of work. There are many individual drills that often get overlooked and there value is not appreciated. Let’s look back at a player’s beginning when they first started. Most players remember getting that first soccer ball, it was that free one with the giant advertisement covering it, or it was the best color available at the sports store.

This backyard soccer drill is great! It is called World Cup ...

The basic idea to this backyard soccer drill will be for the player to pass the ball at their feet toward the soccer ball balanced on top of the cone. If the player knocks the ball off they will receive two points, if they touch the ball without it falling off they receive one point.